Scream and Shout, He’s From In N’ Out

An interview with one of In N’ Out’s locals

In N’ Out, a fast-food chain aiming to reduce the negative stigma associated with such a business, has been serving the west coast since 1948. The restaurant has served as a social meetup spot for all ages, making In N’ Out lovers extremely diverse. The community is heavily affected by the establishment, especially in the case of our own In N’ Out on Chapman Avenue. At all hours of the day, one is likely to see someone they recognize at In N’ out, making it carry a homey, family-like vibe. The staff that keeps In N’ Out alive attribute so much to our community, and deserve the utmost respect and recognition. Local In N’ Out manager, Berto Gonzalales, had much to state on the restaurant, his application and hiring progress, and how he’s seen it affect himself and the community. “I was 17 when my family moved to Orange County from Tijuana, and one of the first real “American” places I tried was In N’ Out. I’ve never seen so many people smiling inside one building, and I fell in love with it. Gonzales has been employed at the establishment for 13 years, and explains why it’s such a good company to work for “All In-N-Out associates start at the bottom of the company. That means that all cooks, district, or regional managers, were one point, just a level one associate, cleaning tables in the dining room and sweeping the floor. That definitely makes the dynamics within the company a bit better, I think. It means that you’re never being bossed around by someone who didn’t know what it was like to be in your position and your boss really can fit in your shoes. As you work your way up within the company you “level up” or get promotions that allow you to do other things in the store. Level one associates do dining room clean up, sweeping, mopping, cleaning tables, restocking the dining room, and to greet customers as expected at In N’ Out. Level two associates do order-taking at the front counter, or work the “pay window”and take money in the drive-thru. Level three associates can work the fry table. Level four associates are meant to take orders in the drive-thru, and level five associates work “board” or the table next to the cook where burgers are prepared and then packaged. Level six is cook and level seven is the entry-level to management, where you start running shifts. It takes about a year to work through each of the positions, although hard work shows promise and can lead to early promotions.” Gonzales discovered early in the establishment that “Smiling is one of the most important things we do at In N’ Out. We’re taught on day one that a simple smile can change the dynamic of the restaurant, and spread to everyone. When we smile at customers, our goal is to make them feel welcome. At In N’ Out, we aim to create the happiest atmosphere possible. You can see it in the colors, the attitudes of the staff, and of course, the smiles on customers faces.” When questioned on how he’s seen In N’ Out affect the community, Gonzales stated “I see some of the same people come in here at least three times a week, I see people enjoying meals with their families, and I see how happy this restaurant can make people. I truly hope that my position at the restaurant has in some way affected every person in the local area, of course in a positive manner.”

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