Lemon Drops, Bubblegum, and Summer Salt

An interview with the Austin-native band

Summer Salt playing at Chain Reaction Anaheim on March 8, 2019

The Austin-native duo, Summer Salt, composed of singer Matt Terry and drummer Eugene Chung, recently made their way around the United States touring their first album, titled “Happy Camper.”

  The duo released their first album titled “Happy Camper” featuring 12 songs in 2018, as well as singles such as “Harvest Fair” and “One Last Time.”

  Their first EP, “Driving to Hawaii,” was released in 2015 and reflects a chill, easy-going vibe. In 2016 they released their second EP titled “Going Native” composed of a self titled song. 2017 is when the band released yet another EP, “So Polite” with the popular songs Candy Wrappers and Revvin’ My Cj7. The band also released singles “Favorite Holiday” and “Abominable Snowman” in 2017.

  The quartet became a trio when former bassist Phil Baier was kicked out in August 2018 due to sexual assault allegations. Shortly after, vocalist and guitarist MJ Tirabassi decided to part ways with the band.

   The playful band explained how they like to base everything off of puns. Matthew Terry stated “At the beginning of the band, it was always based on puns, all of our song names are based on puns, so Summer Salt is kind of a pun like “somersault.’”

  When asked about their biggest influences, Chung said “Antonio Carlos Jobim and the Beach Boys.” Terry then added on by saying “Yeah, we love any Brazilian, Bossa Nova kind of stuff, early rock.” The band then was asked who they would love to collaborate with, dead or alive, and Chung stated “I would love to collaborate with Beach House.” Terry said, “I recently saw this band Sunny and the Sunsets getting produced by James Mercer and I think it would be really cool to write with him.”

   The band then stated that, “There is no specific sound we are looking for, but our music is definitely evolving.” Terry said “I just want to be more involved, like different parts and movement, I like the lo-fi, we do it in our bedroom type of stuff, but maybe one day we can get like a higher production.”

  Revvin’ My Cj7 holds a special place in lead singer Terry’s heart because it, “is the most direct, it is cool because it is not in my shoes, it is a third person story. I don’t have a wife or kids so you can tell it’s about someone who is older.”

  Their imagination and creativity showed when writing songs “Candy Wrappers,” featured on their “So Polite” EP as well as their album “Happy Camper” and “Speaking Sonar” which is featured on “Happy Camper” as well. Terry stated, “Candy Wrappers was fun to make because we just looked at a bunch of candy references, and with Speaking Sonar we used a bunch of ocean references.”

   Chung shares that his favorite song is, “Seventeen because of all of the drum parts, it’s very dynamic.” Terry then said, “I really love to play Swinging for the Fences because I feel like I can lay back and I do not get nervous, it is all feeling and it is fun.”

   Terry said “If I wasn’t doing music right now I would want to try music therapy, I also have a psychology background in therapy settings and try it out, see if I like that direction.” Chung then stated “I don’t know, I would probably still be working at the bar.” “We would be like, really sad if we weren’t doing music.” stated Terry. Chung then finished by saying, “I don’t know what I would do without music.”

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