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Monarch Butterflies are flying through Orange County


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   Spring is in the air, flowers are blooming, animals are coming out of hibernation, but the most important are the Monarch Butterflies.   

  The Monarch Butterflies make a pit stop in California during the winter months (October – February) to bunch up together sleeping in basketball sized clusters on trees along the coast. Not only do the butterflies stay in California to sleep, they also make a pit stop to mate.

 When the days get longer and become warmer, that’s when the Monarchs start to mate. During the months of late February and early March the Monarchs start to fly away, which is the reason for the outbreak of the butterflies in Orange and along the coast.

  Not only is there an outbreak in Monarch Butterflies, California has seen a large population of butterflies all over the place due to the fact that California is no longer in a drought. Without the drought there are more flowers which brings in the butterflies.

  Cities such as Santa Cruz, Pacific Grove, Pismo Beach and Santa Barbara are perfect places to see the Monarch Butterflies bunched together on trees. The best time to see the butterflies is when the temperature is warmer than 57 degrees and between noon and three o’clock.   

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