Native Landscaping

 Although California was recently declared out of the infamous drought, Californians should still be frugal with their water use. Most people do not realize the big impact their house landscaping has on water conservation and other environmental effects.  

  Statistics from the Public Policy Institute of California show that 10% of all water use in California is for urban purposes, such as maintaining a front lawn or garden.

  Keeping a lawn green might be aesthetically pleasing, yet the green grass and flowers that are constantly having to be maintained are damaging the environment in multiple ways. Overuse of fertilizers and pesticides can contribute to air and water pollution, and the excessive amounts of water used are simply wasteful.

  By keeping California’s climate in mind, one can landscape their home to make it sustainable and as aesthetically pleasing as green grass. There are multiple types of plants, grasses, and succulents native to California which sustain themselves completely on natural sunlight and occasional rainfall, with little to no human watering and fertilizer use.

  An alternative to native landscaping is installing an artificial lawn, yet it is not as advantageous since the artificial grass will not attract as much wildlife, such as bees or hummingbirds.

  By adding other features to the plants, such as decorative rocks, one can blend their own style into their front and/or backyard to make their landscaping unique and sustainable.


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