Trump vs the Crazies

The Democrats should run away with 2020. But they won’t.


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PHOENIX, AZ - AUGUST 22: U.S. President Donald Trump gives a thumbs up to a crowd of supporters at the Phoenix Convention Center during a rally on August 22, 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images)

As the 2020 election looms around the corner, top Democrats are already coming out of the woodworks as potential candidates for the Democratic Party.

 Leading the charge is Kamala Harris, a former Attorney General and district attorney in California. As the election gets closer, Democrats are sure to trot out their major players in an attempt to dismantle the Trump administration.

  The problem is this: if the Democrats continue to swing further and further left, and alienate their centrist base, Trump will be reelected. If candidates that are left wing extremists and socialists are becoming the face of the Democratic Party, then they will have no one else to blame when they lose the 2020 election.

   Many centrist voters are already swinging towards the right, especially after a recent happenings in New York and Virginia, in which late term abortions are becoming the norm.

   Whether Democrats like it or not, being the party of socialism, abortions, and illegal immigration is not going to get many voters in 2020. They simply cannot stop shooting himself in the foot. They have swung so far left that even a moderate such as Howard Schultz is an extreme problem for the Democrats.

 Schulz is the former CEO of Starbucks, and a Democrat. But because he does not favor their extremist views, such eliminating private insurance, he is alienated and ostracized by many on the left. They see his potential presidential run as a direct threat to their challenge of Trump. They know that he will split the vote because he is a moderate, and appeals more to people.

   The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ of the DNC have all the right looks, but none of the ideas that people like. The American people do not support socialism, yet Democrats are continually swinging further and further towards this ideology.

  That’s the reason why those such as Nancy Pelosi understand that they cannot swing too far left and support these ideologies, because they know they will lose out in that in the next election.

   If the Democrats really wanted to win this election, they need to find somebody who is levelheaded, honest, and not at all crazy. This seems like a harsh criticism, yet this is the face of the new left. It is not at all a misrepresentation to say that socialism has seeped its way into the liberal ethos. And, It is not a misrepresentation to save that late-term abortions is a key component of the new liberal ethos. These are simply not positive messages for American voters.

  The Democrats can take it or leave it, but if they cared half as much about appealing to their voters as they do opposing Donald Trump, then they would run away with this election.

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