The Foodie Space

A new museum for the masses


Sophia Pracilio

One of the interactive exhibits inside the museum by artist Trinh Mai

Attention all museum goers and food lovers: A new pop-up museum has arrived in Pasadena. The Foodie Space is an interactive modern art museum filled with innovative and daring creations at $20 during the week and $25 on the weekend.

The Instagram worthy artworks are all based off of various local artists’ past experiences. Many of them transformed their struggles into unique pieces open for the public to touch, move, and even walk on. Make sure to checks out this pop-up museum before it closes on February 17.

While on the pricey side at $38 a ticket, the pop-up museum Cheat Day Land offers an immersive experience designed to celebrate rewarding yourself with your favorite foods after a hard week of work.  

It also offers a dance class and aerial class on February 2 and a fitness day on February 6, all held within the museum. This pop-up is open until February 15, everyday from 9am to 9pm.

Spend a weekend and give in to your cravings.

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