Beginning a Bullet Journal

An artsy twist to the classic planner


Sophia Pracilio

Here is a spread for January Week 2, but it can be customizable to any month.

After years of constant frustration with the cost of planners and lack of space to include what I needed to plan my week, I decided to start a bullet journal, or a bujo as more artistic people say. I’m an avid Pinterest user, so pictures frequently popped up displaying colorful monthly spreads, inspiring me.

I put the money towards a customizable system of organization beneficial to me instead of a fancy planner. This risk was worth the reward and keeps me organized. To anyone looking to keep their year structured, having a bullet journal is a great way to do this.

The journal itself is a notebook with dots instead of lines. They are placed in rows and columns for even alignment of words and drawings.

Common spreads in bullet journals include calendars (weekly and monthly), birthdays, inspirational quotes, health and fitness trackers, grocery lists, spending budgets, and self care  such as sleep trackers, goals, and bucket lists.

For all the art lovers out there, painting is a pleasurable way to decorate the journal. Acrylic works well for vibrant hues, but watercolor tends to dry the fastest, making an efficient but still elegant design. Watercolor pens create calligraphy easily, which can add some flair to page titles.

To those not artistically inclined, tools such as washi tape, stamps, and stickers can be used to accessorize the bullet journal. For more spread ideas and templates, go to


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