Bandersnatch: Interactive Film

Every Possible Ending


On December 28, 2018 Netflix released their Black Mirror Interactive Film ‘Bandersnatch’. It allows you to choose the main character Stefan’s decisions which then alters his path throughout the movie. The main plot is that Stefan is building his own game, Bandersnatch, and you must guide Stefan to finish the game and get a good rating.

Possible Death #1: In the beginning of Bandersnatch the third question asked is “Work with Tuckersoft?”. If you choose ‘Yes’, the film immediately ends, giving Bandersnatch the review of 0 out of 5 stars.

Possible Death #2: 10 minutes later, Stefan is with a coworker, Colin, at his home and they both take a heavy drug. Colin becomes convinced that if they jump off the roof they will live; that’s when you are asked who will jump off the building. If you choose ‘Stefan’, the main character dies and Tuckersoft still releases Bandersnatch, gets 0 out of 5 stars and the movie will end.

Possible Death #3: In a flashback, you are given the option to go with Stefan’s mother on the train to visit his grandparents. If you choose “Yes”, young Stefan will go on the train and die beside his mother, hence affecting his present life, implementing his sudden death.

Possible Death #4: The third time you visit Stefans therapist, the scenario begins to change and the therapist starts to fight Stefan. When your options appear, choose “Leap out the window” and the entire film stops and the “Director” comes into frame and calls him Mike, as if they were in the middle of filming. The movie ends.

  From then on, every path you choose will lead you to Stefan in jail.


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