Girls Wrestling Interview with Nancy Silvia

Frontline: How long have you been doing wrestling?

Nancy Silvia: 4 years; I’ve been playing since freshman year.

FL: Why did you decide to do wrestling?

Silvia: I just wanted to try something new.

FL: What do you like about wrestling?

Silvia: I love that it pushes you physically and mentally and all the team becomes your new family.

FL: What is the hardest thing about wrestling?

Silvia: Definitely making weight.

FL: What has been your favorite memory from this wrestling season?

Silvia: I don’t really have a favorite memory specifically but I like going to eat with the whole team after events and tournaments and getting to spend time with all of my teammates.  

FL: What are your responsibilities as a captain?

Silvia: I always have to be a role model for my team. If I’m always looking nervous or lazy the team will follow so I always have to be active and confident.

FL: Who inspires you to do your best?

Silvia: My family, my coaches, and my teammates.

FL: How do you balance school and wrestling?

Silvia: Well this year was easy for me since I have all my easy classes now but typically I put my grades first because we have to keep a certain GPA to stay on the team.

FL: What’s something that most people don’t know about you?

Silvia: A lot of people don’t seem to know I’m a wrestler.

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