Crush-ing the Stage


Via Ai-Vi Allred

Ryan Hutchins and Amanda Mangrich preforming Crush

   The fall production was hand picked by Drama teacher/director Mrs. Gillen. The play was called “Crush,” a sci-fi romantic comedy by Stephen Gregg. Gillen explains the play as a mixture of “Twilight Zone meets X-files meets another play ‘Our Town’ by Thornton Wilder.”

  Gillen was very excited that the cast featured a diverse range of students from all grades. She was also happy that many  freshmen and those new to drama program participated in the play.

  The play setting is in Pin Cushion, California. It was mainly about kids in high school trying out for the play “Our Town,” who were matched with challenges. Aspen, played by Carina Flores  was taken over by five aliens that were trying to gain control of the town.

   There were parts of the play where the cast members became interactive with the audience. Walking around the audience brought more attention of the fact that “nobody loves you” in order to help feed the aliens’ take over.

   There was a great chemistry between Bark, played by Ryan Hutchins, and Chloe, played by Amanda Mangrich. The relationship between their characters going back and forth bantering was fun and enjoyable to watch throughout the play.

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