Heroes Around Me

“Heroes Around Me”

The Reflections Awards Recipients

  Every year, the National PTA puts on the Reflections program, which is a lighthearted art competition for students to showcase their talents and abilities. With the six different categories, Dance Choreography, Film, Literature, Music, Photography, and Visual Arts, there is an opportunity for everyone to participate.

  El Modena had an influx of submissions, with three winners from each category, Award of Excellence, Award of Merit, and Honorable Mention.

  The award winners had varying inspirations and interpretations of the prompt “Heroes Around Me,” with some of them sharing the meaning behind their winning projects.  

  Dance Choreography Award of Excellence winner Stephen Le shares his spin on the prompt by sharing “Pretty much the message of the song (I danced to) in my head is we, since the theme was Heroes Around You,  it was like we need to be heroes to the next generation in line (behind us.)” Using the song “Children” by Justin Bieber, Le and his friends danced in the park, and Le remarks on one of the most significant factors that came into play with his submission. “(In the background) You could see children playing soccer, so it had a nice vibe to it and fit with the overall theme.”

  For the film award of excellence, Darryl Camantigue shares the inspiration of the video to be his parents. “In the video, I did an intro where I said that I don’t need a superhero, a hero to me is someone that makes you laugh and cares about you.” Included in his video were pictures of his family and friends who have impacted his life and resembled heroes.

  For music, Paige Ryan tells how although she wrote a song not originally for the reflections contest, her dad’s encouragement motivated her to submit her song. Ryan recalls her dad saying, “You’re going to win.”

  Aubrey Adams shares a story about her grandfather as the inspiration for her winning photograph. “The picture is the American flag off the back of my uncle’s boat. The whole reason that my family owns boats is because of my grandpa, he was super into the yachting business, so we have our own family company. My grandpa was also a World War 2 Veteran. Its just kind of become a thing of (my family) to have that American flag on the back of our boat to honor him.”

  Visual Arts winner Emily Garcia shares her take on the theme. “My theme was African rangers protecting rhinos from poachers. Those people are who I really consider our heroes because when you think of a hero you usually think of your parents, and yes my parents are heroes, but I wanted to show who’s suffering and who’s helping out so I chose the rangers.” Garcia describes how she sketched and colored a picture of a rhino whos right next to the ranger’s face and the ranger is holding an umbrella.  

  Everyone who entered in the reflections competition had a message to spread, and all participants were truly talented. Congratulations to all who entered!


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