Walking for the Cure with Girls League

El Modena Vanguards walked to support breast cancer


Victoria Tran

All the El Mo students who participated in the event posed after walking the route around El Modena

Every year, Girls League puts on Walk for the Cure at El Modena. This year’s Girls League president, senior Michelle Apeitzia, organized the walk. Numerous club members such as went to work days, sold shirts, and set up on the day of the event. Azpeitzia says, “I wouldn’t have been able to do it without my vice president Cassandra Mondragón and publicity Emily Nguyen.”

The morning of, ASB and members of Girls League arrived at 6 in the morning in preparation for the event. They created a poster wall on the side of the cafeteria with phrases such as “Happy alive and built to survive” and “Pink Power.” The extra posters adorned the route. Little pink ribbons were also passed out by club members.

At 7:15, vanguards walked from the quad, behind the village, around the back of the baseball field, down Fred Kelly hallway, and back the the quad. Those who purchased tickets received water and a donut in return for supporting breast cancer.

This tradition continues to live on and is a highlight of El Modena’s activities.


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