Makeup Your Mind: Don’t say “Ow” to get a great brow

Sophia’s Secret: Brow pomade for arches that wow


Sophia Pracilio

The Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade works wonders on the eyebrow

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

Price: $18

The dipbrow pomade from Anastasia Beverly Hills is a favorite among many celebrity makeup artists. The waterproof formula dries matte and is long lasting. The brush is not included, but the product itself proved to sculpt a great brow.


ULTA Brow Pomade

Price: $10

This brow pomade comes in a cream formula and dries with a natural finish. It provides a dependable look in five different shades. While the color payoff and wear-length were decent, the application was a bit dry.


Benefit ka-Brow Eyebrow Cream Gel

Price: $24

Benefit ka-Brow product consists of a cream gel, making it smoother than most brow products. It also includes a built-in angled brush, which worked better than expected. There are eight smudge proof colors to choose from.


Winner: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

ABH gained its fame from this product and the implementation of their “golden ratio” eyebrow shaping method.

It offers a full range of colors, 11 shades total, so anyone is guaranteed to find their hue. The pigment to product ratio is unmatched. With minimal pressure of a brush onto the product, vibrant color is easily transferable.

The pomade is creamy enough that it glides on easily, but stiff enough to stay in place after drying, creating the perfect product. It is easily buildable, which can give either the naturally full brow look or the precisely sculpted arch many yearn for.

This formula definitely withstands the test of time; I have used the same container for over a year (and I do my eyebrows everyday) and the product is just as exemplary as when I bought it. There’s still at least a third left, so while the $18 price tag may seem steep, you will get bang for your buck.


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