The New Cheerleader On Campus

All About Transfer Cheerleader Clea Thomas

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FL: What school did you transfer from?

CT: “I transferred here from Tustin High”

FL: Tell us about your team at Tustin

CL: “The cheer team at Tustin High was mostly a sideline team. We didn’t really compete until I pushed for it really hard. We did a few events in the community, but we really didn’t do anything beyond that.”

FL: What was it like transferring to a new school for senior year?

CL: “It felt like such a big risk. There’s so much of the unknown that’s so scary because everything you knew for the past 12 years is gone.”

FL: How did you feel about transferring?

CL: “I was absolutely terrified and nervous, but it turned out okay because I had the cheer team and I met people, and that was a big comfort.”

FL: What are some new things about the cheer program you enjoy that you didn’t have at your other school?

CL: “They have really good coaches here. They know what they’re doing and have been active in the cheer community, so they have experience. The team itself is a lot more competitive, and even the sideline team is a lot more progressive. Every day we’re working on improving and being better than the last time.”

FL: How does El Mo’s cheer program differ from Tustin’s?

CL: “The sense of community among the girls. There’s always going to be some disagreements, but overall everyone is respectful and accepting of each other. [El Mo] is a lot more supportive of the cheer team, and [the team] does a lot of really cool stunts and puts in a lot of effort.”

FL: Would you recommend transferring to a new school senior year?

CL: “It’s a tough spot to be in. I had a choice on where I went, and I’m glad it was here because, though it is a really big risk to transfer, I do feel like it’s paying off. All the anxiety I had was valid, but it wasn’t necessary because I did find myself in such a nice place here with good people.”

FL: What upcoming events are you looking forward to?

CL: “ I’m excited for the assemblies because everyone here has a lot of spirit and they’re so festive. They have so much pride in the school and they want to be here. I’m also excited for the first cheer competition because I’m super competitive and we have such a good team.”

FL: Are you excited to experience your first El Modena spirit week?

CL: “I am! I’ve heard so much about it and I can’t wait to participate in one. Even this [Red Ribbon Week] has so much spirit, I can’t wait to see what they do for spirit week.”

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