The Leonard Legacy

El Modenas Stud of the Month

The man, the myth, the legend: Tom Leonard. The sophomore varsity tight end has been chosen to be this months ‘Stud of the Month’. Freshman year, Leonard played very well during freshman football and has grown to be a varsity player in just his second year here at El Mo.     

  Football takes up a lot of players freetime, especially during season. Leonard shares how he balances both football and his outside life, “I just get everything done, obviously after I come home I shower because I don’t want to be all gross. And after that I focus on homework and other things. I’ve been on this routine for a while now so it’s not so hard for me to find time to do anything outside of football anymore.”

  Leonard also shared what it’s like playing on the field during a big game saying, “It’s actually indescribable. Being on the field, making a catch, and standing up with the ball in your hands, seeing the Rowdy Rooters going crazy in the stands. It’s the best feeling in the world.” During one of the football games, Leonard scored a touchdown for the mighty Vanguards, “It was a play that was designed just for me, a play for the tight end. I knew we were going to use that play because we’ve been working on it all week and once I saw them in the sidelines call out the play, I knew it was my chance. I barely made it into the endzone, but I did it.” Leonard said.

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