Haunted Old Towne Orange

Our Old And Rotting Orange

Established in 1888, Old Towne Orange is hub for many El Modena students, but do they know of its haunting past? The first murder(s) in Old Towne was of two young boys, killed by the wheels of a large horse drawn carriage circa 1900. During the filming of That Thing You Do in 1995, Tom Hanks and his crew claim to have seen the two boys dressed in early 1900s clothing standing just a few feet from them.

  A popular store at the Orange Circle that houses a ghost is the Army-Navy shop. In 1915, while in the basement, a teenage boy dropped gasoline on a lamp and the gasoline started to spread. He ran out, burning to death. People reportedly seen a ‘burning boy’ running around the circle.

  Do people like eating with friendly ghosts? Rutabegorz has many spirits that roam the restaurant. Employees have supposedly seen a young boy and two adults casually visit the customers during their dinner. A former owner had two kids that would often see a little boy and they started to play with him. The parents then “adopted” their phantom friend and the other ghosts just became a part of their daily life.

  In 2011 there had been many reports of unusual activities at the Orange Circle Antique Depot such as moving objects, shadows, and feelings of being watched. It was brought up so often that a group of paranormal investigators, Ryan Adams and a host for the Syfy channel, Ben Hanson, came to the scene of the crimes. What they found was never released, maybe one of the many friendly spirits erased the footage.

  Old Towne Orange is filled with spooky stores and haunted homes. It hosts paranormal tours every other night year round, but October is the most popular season. On the tour, they visit many places at the circle and people walk throughout the towne. Visit

https://www.hauntedoc.com/orangeghostwalk.htm and buy tickets before they sell out.



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