Team Bonding With Cross Country

A Refreshing New Take on Team Bonding

October 4, 2018

   How does a team truly bond with one another? Cross Country Captain and senior Philip Nguyen has the answer: food. However, rather than the traditional potluck in which generous team members would bring various kinds of food, Nguyen wanted to take a different approach.

   In a few weeks, cross country is embarking in a race known as the Mount Sac race. In this particular race, select few runners will have the joyous opportunity to run 3 miles up and over 3 different, equally monstrous hills. Nguyen, despite the adversity, believes that it is an enjoyable experience and “the feeling of accomplishment afterward is something special.”

   To create a stronger bond between his teammates and perhaps settle some nerves among the runners, Nguyen devised the idea of BYOB. BYOB or “bring your own bowls” is a unique team bonding experience that will be held at Nguyen’s house and where fresh, homemade pho will be served to each runner. Additionally, a projector will be put up and display a movie, giving the team yet another fun activity to bond over.

   Nguyen believes all of these activities will ultimately contribute to a night of fun and bonding and why he feels that “cross country is not a team, but a family.” Whatever comes next for cross country, hills or not, they will race as both team and family.

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