Cheering for the Cure


The entire Cheer and Pom team cheering for the cure


El Modena’s cheer and pom team were invited to the recent Race for the Cure event

  On Sunday, September 23, 2018, the El Modena cheer and pom team attended their first ever “Race for the Cure” event in Newport Beach, California.

  The team showed their spirit and support for those who are still fighting their battles with breast cancer, those who defeated breast cancer, and those who battled hard and lost the fight. The team was out there in full force with their high spirits, pink tutus and differently colored pom-poms, cheering on the runners.

  The reason why they cheered with a variety of colored pom-poms was to support the “More than Pink Movement,” a movement launched to include and celebrate every person involved in the fight against breast cancer. For example, the doctors tirelessly working toward saving their patients, those raising money for the cause, and anybody giving their time, money, or activism to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

  Along with cheering on the participants in the race, the team was also invited to the Survivor Ceremony, where they were able to support and cheer for breast cancer survivors, while honoring those who passed.

  All members of the cheer team were glad to have been able to participate in the Race for the Cure. Varsity cheerleader junior Sarah McWhirter shares, “This was my first attendance at Race for the Cure. I loved cheering for the survivors and hearing their stories, and it was so amazing to see how many people came and supported. Overall great experience and I’d love to go again next year!”


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