Cross Country Gets Their Feet Moving

September 13, 2018

For the hardworking runners of El Modena Cross Country, the race Laguna Hills was a very important one. It was a run that ultimately determined who would make to varsity this season and who would not.

It’s fall semester and all the fall sports of El Modena are getting the school spirit moving. On Friday, September 8th, Cross Country ran their first race at Laguna Hills High School from 8-11:30 am and will be running three miles!

The way the race was done was different from the usual ones however. “That first race of the season put grade against grade as opposed to varsity teams against varsity teams” runner Joey Machado recalls. This meaning that, rather than matching students with ability, students were racing within grade levels.

In the race, high schools from all over Orange County were pitted against each other and set out to run many miles uphill, downhill, and all around, racing as fast as they could in order to cross the finish line with the fastest times. The seven varsity runners will be chosen after careful consideration on Friday, September 14th.

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