Do Diets Work??????

A student’s take on nutritional health

September 10, 2018

Diets don’t work. Going on a diet, implies it’s temporary. In order to truly transform your body and life, you need to revamp your nutrition. You’ll drop weight on a diet, sure. Diets earned their name because they usually work only in that moment.
In order to lose weight, tailor a nutrition plan to you. It’s also a gradual process. Jumping into a nutrition plan cold turkey is a surefire way to not stick to it.
If you’re trying to drop your caloric intake, make the transition over a longer period. The same is true for working out. Jumping into the most intense workout will not only demotivate you when you fall behind in the program, you also risk injuring yourself. In both working out and nutrition, if you become overeager, your body won’t be able to handle it.
Treat going on a nutrition plan like working out. You’re not going to bench press 135 on both sides day one, but through gradual progression, you’ll reach and surpass your goal.

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