Cross Country Captain: Phillip Nguyen
Cross Country Captain: Phillip Nguyen

Cross Country Hopes with Phillip Nguyen

September 9, 2018

Frontline: What are some of your hopes for the season?

Phillip Nguyen: “Some of my hopes for the season would include: getting our team to CIF, inspiring everyone on the team, making this year really memorable and growing the love for cross country as a whole.”

FL: Who or what inspires you to do your best?

PN: “My team inspires me, from coaches to teammates. When I am running and in so much pain physically and mentally, hearing the cheers from the sidelines really bumps up my self-confidence and helps me believe in myself. That feeling is one of the reasons why I love cross country so much.”

FL: What is your favorite memory from cross country?

PN: “My favorite memory from cross country would definitely be freshman year at league finals. I really wanted to prove that I had worked hard and deserved to be a respected runner and not just some joke. A few minutes before my race I had asked our captain if he honestly thought I could run that race. He told me that I could run 17:00… a good forty to fifty seconds from my best time. He said he believed in me and that I could do it. Sure enough, I ran 17:50. That moment made me realize that what may seem crazy or even impossible is actually possible and all this doubt was in my head. As cliche as that sounds I really believe that your limits are limits because you make them limits and that as long as you believe hard enough and have enough heart, you can do things that will surprise everyone, even yourself.”


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