Words with Mrs. Wang

FL: When did you first come to the school?

MW: Last year was my first year.


FL: How was your first year teaching at Elmo?

MW: It was fun and enjoyable I really like the ElMo Students’ spirit and pride in their school.  I also liked working with Dr. Saxton.


FL: How did you start working at Elmo?

MW: “Dr. Saxton got a position here and he recommended me for the position of art teacher here.”


FL: I heard you rejected a good offer at another school in order to stay here. What was the offer and what made you refuse it in order to stay at this school?

MW: “I was offered a position of an AP art teacher at Tustin Unified Fine Arts but I chose to stay here do to the connections I made with the students and Dr. Saxton.”


FL:How did you feel about Dr. Saxton Leaving?

MW:“I was sad to see him go but I’m glad that he made the decision to work closer to his family. He was the Glue that held the spirit of the school together.”


FrontLiner: Is there anything you’d change about this year compared to last year?

MW: “My intent for this year is to have my Advanced  students adapt to the new pacing of the school surrounding the block schedule.”

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