Boys Water Polo Captain Interview

Frontline: What’re some of your hopes for the season?

Ryder Wade: “Personally, I want to break 100 goals this season. For the team, I want to make it to CIF and win.”

FL: What are your keys to success?

RW: “Working hard, working as a team, and communication are all important.”

FL: Why did you decide to play water polo?

RW: “I had a friend named Aaron Mcclellan who played at El Mo and he told me how fun and challenging it was.”

FL: How long have you been playing water polo?

RW: “I’ve been playing water polo since the summer before Freshman year, so about 3 years.”

FL: Who inspires you to do your best?

RW: “My mom, dad, and people who have put time into making me a better player. Coach Damien has been really inspirational to me.”

FL: What is your favorite memory from water polo?

RW: “My favorite memory from polo was last year’s El Dorado game. The stands were packed with fans, and the whole pool deck was full. The game was very physical and intense, adding to us just playing Brea’s team an hour before.”

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