Artist of the Month Interview

Frontline: When did you start taking art seriously?

Angelina Rios-Galindo: “I’ve just always grown up liking art and doing it for fun. Seriously, I’d say around eighth grade because I realized I started getting better at it, and by the time the end of 9th grade came around I got a position for my art in ASB”

FL: Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

AR: “Id say my dad probably because he’s an artist too. He does tattoos, and I think it’s really inspiring he has time for his art, and being a part of a family.”

FL: Who is your favorite artist?

AR: “I’d have to go basic and say Bob Ross. He’s just so nice and inspirational when he talks and I feel like he makes art fun for himself and everyone else.”

FL: How has art changed your life?

AR: “It’s something I do all the time. If i’m bored, if i’m happy, if i’m sad, it’s something I do to make me feel better. It’s something I can spend a lot of my time on and I won’t get bored of it.”

FL: Who has helped you gain the courage to pursue art?

AR: “Like I said earlier, my Dad and my best friend. We encourage each other because he’s an artist also, and we make each other feel like what we’re doing matters.”

FL: Which of your art pieces is your favorite and why?

AR: “Basically every year around the same time at the end of summer I draw the same picture of a vocal artist I like, and I enjoy seeing my progress and how much better I’ve gotten.”

FL: What aspects of your art style would you like to improve upon?

AR: “Probably my realism and animals. I can do faces, I can do people, and I’m pretty good at calligraphy, but animals are just hard for me.”

FL: What is your favorite stylistic aspect of your art?

AR: “I like that it can be really versatile, like if its a poster board for a class I can put my aspect into it and make it more extra with my stylistic handwriting. My realism in terms of people is really cool when you sit down and do it. I like that I can do a lot of things for a lot of different pieces.”

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