Interview with the Football Captain

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Frontline: What’re some of your hopes for the season?


Colin Keefe: Some of my hopes for this season are to be successful, win league, and make it to playoffs


FL: What are your keys to success?


CK: My keys to success are hard work and the coaches here at El Mo


FL: Why did you decide to play your sport?


CK: I decided to play football at El Mo because I’ve been playing it since I was five and also because of my grandpa


FL: How long have you been playing your sport?


CK: Twelve years now I think


FL: Who/What inspires you to do your best?


CK: Myself and my teammates inspire me to do my best. They really push me


FL: What is a hidden talent you have?


CK: Drumming


FL: What is your favorite memory from your sport?

CK: My favorite memory from my sport was winning CIF last year

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