Diversity in Movie Casts

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  The movie “Crazy Rich Asians” is about a woman who is dating a man from a wealthy family in Singapore. Throughout the film she struggles to impress his family while staying true to herself. Within its first week, the romantic comedy made $26.5 million at the box office. The last time a movie with an all Asian-American cast did this well was “The Joy Luck Club” which was 25 years ago.  

  Dawn Nguyen Spranger, mother of sophomore Haley Spranger, who projected her happiness about the movies success: “When you see yourself represented on screen by the entire cast of a film it’s a proud, emotional moment.” She said, “Same feeling I felt when I watched ‘The Joy Luck Club’ in 1993. I’ve waited a long time to see it again. I hope Hollywood takes notice and finances more films by Asian-Americans. Representation matters.”

  The year 2018 is all about representation. Earlier this year, the movie “Black Panther” swept the nation. With its all African-American cast and positive female representation, the film was new and inspiring, politically speaking. Last year, the movie “Wonder Woman” also broke barriers for its strong female lead and female director. All three of these movies did really well and have begun paving a new path for a new form of movies.

  Films like these matter. They matter to the little boys and girls watching in the movie theaters and they matter to the people who fought tirelessly to get where they are at now. Traditional roles have been the same for so long, and now things are finally changing that. In 50 years, all of this representation will become normal for movies and everyday life. It is important we support the new movies now.

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