‘Insatiable’ Review

Hated From the Beginning

On July 19, 2018 the trailer for Netflix’s newest show Insatiable was launched. Not even a day after it’s release, 100,000 people had signed a petition to have the “fat-shaming” drama cancelled but it never was. Fast forward to August 10th, the biggest anticipation for a show that wasn’t worth it.

Everyone was binging Insatiable and discussing it on every social media platform and debating the major controversies this show carries. Insatiable is filled with jokes about LGBT, overweight people, and lots of innuendos. It also mentions political arguments that are thrown around in today’s debates, instead of trying to be aware of how others’ reactions to this, they decide to focus on the political opinions for entire episodes at a time.

From the very first episode of the drama there are many flaws about the main character, Patty. She started as a binge-eating teen coming out of her shell, in a new body and a completely changed attitude on life. She meets a man who shows believes in her potential, but she ends up falling in love with him and tries to separate his marriage. Many scenes are included of young adults doing drugs and abusing the use of alcohol to the point of near death. This immediately sets an example to acceptable behavior to viewers, typically a younger demographic. Netflix needs to be more aware of the platform they have and what they choose to put out for the public to see.

Insatiable was not just about a chubby girl getting skinny, but the common struggles some teens may have, making it offensive for that audience. The overall message is unclear and the plot is messy, making it hard to follow. If dramas are your forte, then this may be the show for you. But if you harbor stronger opinions on dominate issues in our society, then do not watch this.

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