Volleyball Captain

Setting up a great start to the season


via Ai-Vi Allred

Frontline:  What are some of your hopes for this season?

Hailey Gray: “To make it to playoffs and to have fun.”

FL: What are some of your keys to success?

HG: “Play hard, work hard and have fun and love what you do.”

FL: Why did you decide to play your sport?  

HG: “I had friends who played and I really enjoyed watching and they would play with me. I ended up trying it and loving it.”

FL: How long have you been playing you sport?

HG: “6 years.”

FL: What/who inspires you to do your best?

HG: “I feel like my brothers do because they always tease me and I feel like I have to show them up.”

FL: What is a hidden talent that you have?

HG: “My hidden talent is touching my nose with my tongue.”

FL: What is your favorite memory from your sport?

HG: “Going into my first game on varsity freshman year.”

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