See You on the Flip Side

Frontline as a catalyst for the exploration of the field of music journalism


Brian Fallon of the Gaslight Anthem at the El Rey on 4/6/18.

There is a lot of pressure placed on an individual when tasked with writing an article that is intended to capture one’s essence, their place in high school and how high school will prepare them for the future. Combining these three elements always bring out the cliché, loving side of how high school has developed one’s character into a productive member of society.  

Possibly it’s teenage angst, or even writer’s block, but I simply desire to be vulnerable. My former therapist reconfigured the term “vulnerable” from a negative connotation to that of being transparents and accepting of myself. Though, I by no means live my life in full transparency and continuously criticize myself, the recurring theme in my pursuit of vulnerability is publishing articles each month for the school newspaper which you are currently reading.

Writing has always been a part of school that I excelled at, yet I was never the top writer in any English or journalism course I enrolled in. In all honesty, the reason I applied to be a member of the school newspaper is a blur. Despite this lack of remembrance, the decision has led me to explore the field of music journalism.Following my first-year position as the Feature editor, for my second and final year I proceeded to apply to be the Music editor. I was awarded the position and composed my page with articles about upcoming albums and eclectic playlists that lacked true depth.

I desire to say that I began interviewing bands as a way to integrate more hard hitting journalism within the paper, but truly it was because I wanted to attend a concert for a musician at a venue that was 21+. The artist was Brian Fallon of the New Jersey folk punk band the Gaslight Anthem, and the venue was the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, Cali. To say I idolize Fallon is minimizing his presence within my life.

When the realization that I was unable to attend the event due to the age limit occured, I immediately resorted to alternative ways to attend the show. Sadly buying a fake identity was out of the equation, and led to the other and more plausible option was to interview Fallon prior to the show.

Therefore, I found his publicist’s email on his official Facebook page and through this email communication I experienced the inner workings of the music industry and the prevalence of press on an artist’s career. Though I was unable to attend the show, I conducted the interview over the phone and vividly remember looking down at contact saved as “Brian Fallon” and almost breaking down sobbing at the realization of this man’s significance in my life.

Also, the realization that interviewing musicians that have composed the soundtrack to my life is in the most cliché way a dream come true. A dream come true that’s origins are tied to the exploration of journalism courtesy of the school newspaper, and the eclectic music taste of those that occupy El Modena High School.

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