Living Like Bobby

Online entrepreneur, world traveller and YouTube content creator Bobby Briskey takes an indepth look at his enthralling lifestyle

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Living Like Bobby

Briskey creating YouTube content while outdoors

Briskey creating YouTube content while outdoors

via Robert Briskey

Briskey creating YouTube content while outdoors

via Robert Briskey

via Robert Briskey

Briskey creating YouTube content while outdoors

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“Live life your way, everyday, 365 days.” This motto appears so simple and straightforward. All one must do is follow their heart and they will feel content with their existence. Yet, according to many statistics and specifically the Harris Poll, reports show that American happiness is at an all time low with only 31% of Americans reporting genuine happiness in 2017.


Why is this happening, and what does this show about our modern American culture? People are not allowing themselves to live their life in complete honesty. Robert (Bobby) Briskey offers the advice to simply follow one’s heart, and everything else will follow.


Born and raised in Lagrange, Illinois, Briskey graduated from Manhattan College in 2015 and continues to resides in Manhattan, New York.


Commonly compared to a renaissance man, Briskey is now an online entrepreneur, world traveller and YouTube content creator. In which, enjoys his life and feels that everyone should have the opportunity to feel the same way.


At the mere age of nineteen, Briskey decided that he was going to live in the South American country of Columbia for a year. His parents were hesitant once they heard that their son was going to live in a totally foreign country for this long duration of time.


“I told my family at a dinner. When I told my mom, she actually started to cry at the dinner. She said, ‘Bobby, why didn’t you just get a job like a regular college graduate?’”


Briskey understands that his mother was worried for his well-being, and that his family would always stand by his decisions. “I’m lucky to have super supportive parents.” In fact, he has convinced his mother to join him in his travels.


This desire for adventure through travel has led him to three different continents, and as many as twenty-one different countries. In which, one of the driving forces behind Briskey’s passion is his desire to experience different cultures.


Growing up in an Italian-American household, Briskey was surrounded by a collaboration of cultures. Creating his empathy for those of other cultures and the chance learn the value of diverse cultures. To Briskey, travelling is the best way to fully experience and learn about foreign cultures.


In 2014, Briskey started to vlog his extravagant travels. Though, at this time it was more of a fun hobby that had started on one of his traveling journeys. He now vlogs seriously, and tries to put out quality content on his channel almost everyday.


One of the main messages he hopes to communicate to his viewers is to think differently and have an open mind about other cultures. He hopes to be an inspiration to people, so that they may live life in their own honest way.


Briskey knows that sometimes it doesn’t feel ideal to live life in anything other than what is the norm. However, he tries to prove this untrue. On Briskey’s channel, he has done a series of vlogs that showcase the power of determination to live on one’s own terms. Although they may sound serious, Briskey manages to make a majority of his videos light-hearted.


Other forms of videos on his channel include several vlog formats, the “Living Cheap”  challenge and comparison videos. While including some heavier vlogs. Exemplified in the bone-chilling vlog where a man stole his camera and threatened him in Columbia. Or, the time that he had been scammed out of money.


Though,“The bad times are nothing compared to the rest of the time on the trip,” which inspires Briskey to continue traveling and vlogging. He advises novice travellers to always be aware of their items and surroundings, and to never risk their lives for replacable objects in order  to reduce the amount of travelling incidents


This also includes inspiration from fellow YouTube content creators Casey Neistat and Jerome Jarre. He first discovered Neistat before vlogging was a major social media phenomenon. Briskey saw Neistat as an incredible man, especially since he seemed to not be rattled by carrying around his huge camera and tripod. Jarre, a social media star that got his start from Vine (rest in peace Vine), has a similar type of energy. Briskey had the opportunity to meet Neistat and had a positive interaction with him.


As it goes, Briskey is fortunate enough to be able to combine his passions. He has travelled to different countries in order to work, and has even been able to promote his work through his vlogging.


Briskey’s advice to aspiring vloggers is to have a solid understanding of the messages or themes that viewers should take from videos. Building a strong community of viewers that are positive and can interact with others is also important.


LivingBobby currently has over 100 videos, 138,686 subscribers, and 14,069,966 views, and the community will only grow from there. As far as Briskey’s concerned, he will continue to travel and vlog for a long time.

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