Line Up For Emily’s Really Good Art

Previewing Emily Garcia’s line and realistic art able to be purchased at El Mo Jam

May 28, 2018

   Alongside the bands Double Dragg, Chump Change, The Brix, Sidewalk Chumps, and a faculty band set to perform at El Mo Jam on May 18, artists including junior, Emily Garcia are vending their crafts.

  Garcia, although not certain of pricing, will sell inexpensive printed copies of her linework illustrations. At a greater cost, she’s selling original realistic hand drawings she individually spent one hour and thirty minutes illustrating.

  “Raccoons and dogs are cute and I just like drawing animals, people always see my small art pieces and want to buy it,” Garcia describes how fitting El Mo Jam’s platform is to sell her art.

  Alongside Garcia’s linework and realistic pieces, her older sister will sell her surrealistic art in her booth.

  Although they may make a quick dollar, Garcia clarifies, “I can’t afford art school, so I want to instead go to a college with a good art program and get my Bachelor’s degree in animation.”

  After earning a bachelor’s degree, her ultimate dream is to create her own cartoon and air it through Adult Swim. I want to get my bachelor’s degree in animation

  Whether through illustration or animation, Garcia is set to, “make a lot of crazy art in my own style and make myself known.”

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