Prom is in the Air

Congratulations to the cute duos who said Yes

Junior Matthew Tu asked junior Sarah Ando to prom. With help of a friend, Tu tried to do a very artsy promposal because Ando is a very artsy person, but couldn’t find a good ask. Stuck, Tu went with a nature-based theme and after a lot of bad pun ideas, Tu finally settled for, “Oak-ay this may be Acorn-y way to Ash-k but … Will(ow) you stick with me to prom?”

   Senior Jason Bae asked senior Jacky Garcia to prom with a poster saying, “Your diagnosis is that you suffer from prom-fever your prescription? Me.” What led to Bae asking Garcia to prom was that, “I love her and couldn’t imagine spending prom night with anyone else.” Bae used a medical pun because, “We both want to go into medicine when we grow up … it’s something we [hold] hold dear.”

  Senior Blake Sanchez asked sophomore Jessie Keefe to prom. His poster said, “It would be (Paw)fect if you went with me to prom.” In his promposal he had his dog with a sign saying “Prom” around his neck. Sanchez choice this idea because, “My dog is my best friend for eleven years now and I had this idea for a while. I wanted to save it for senior prom.”

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