Success in the First Season

El Modena boys lacrosse made improvements throughout the season and is looking forward to the next season

   El Modena boys lacrosse made it through their first season here with their heads held high. Although most of the boys had little to no lacrosse experience, they came together as a team to have a first season full of lessons learned and improvements.

   The team played at a junior varsity level for their first season and have been preparing and learning the game of lacrosse and how to play as a team since last year.

   Sophomore Andrew Lima reflects on his experience, “We could’ve done a lot better, that’s for sure. It’s our first year so we’re not going to be the best.”

   Although it is always proves difficult to start a new sport, the lacrosse boys are all proud that they decided to play. Even if it’s a new sport on campus, the players are ready to help any incoming freshmen or new players learn the basics of the game.

   Junior Timothy Christy talks about his plan for next season, “Just help out the freshmen to the best of my ability, because like most people, I didn’t play lacrosse before, so helping them out would be the best thing to do.”

   All the players have high hopes for the upcoming seasons, and a common goal of winning. Junior Luke Blackburn confidently shares, “Everyone’s going to come back, twice the energy, twice the ferocity, and we’re going to crush. It’s going to be a perfect season.”

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