New Classes, Electives, and Pathways… Oh My!

Get educated on the new classes and electives that are being offered here at El Modena for the 2018-2019 year

With a new school year up ahead, additional classes and career pathways are on the rise to accommodate to every students best interest in El Modena. Creative Writing will be a class that focuses on improving writing for different genres such as poetry and fictional narratives. 

  A new pathway that has been added is the Construction Career Pathway. It’s a project based curriculum that centers around careers in construction such as a building inspector, designer, crane operator, property inspector, tile setter, drywall installer, and many more.

  If having an AP filled schedule is not a desired school plan for a student, regular Statistics will be offered next year instead of the class being a college course.

  A new AP Research class is being provided for students who have taken AP Seminar and would like to continue an independent research class. This college course helps students learn how to apply research methods and practice addressing real-world topics in a year-long researched-based investigation of any question that interests the student.

  Media Writing is an elective class that centers on script writing for broadcasts and helps students learn how to improve their writing to fit online blogs and magazine articles.

  If any classes, electives or pathways mentioned peaked the interest of students, there is still time to talk to their counselors to register and change their school schedule for the 2018-2019 school year.


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