El Mo Jams Again

Current and former students perform their music live for their peers

With El Mo Jam being the big hit it was last year, performers decided to share their talent on stage yet again. While the bands and the members may not be the same, the talent will definitely match.
The bands include Chump Change, Sidewalk Chumps, The Brix, Greasy Knifes, The Beans and the Kangaroo and Double Dragg. A faculty band will also be performing.
Chump change includes junior Collin Keefe on drums, alumni Ryan Keefe on bass, and Noah Urrea on vocals and guitar.
Sidewalk Chumps consists of Luis Balderas and Paul Michaelis both on guitar, Luke Willsey on vocals and bass, and Brock Wodmas on drums. Last, but not least is Double Dragg. This group contains seniors Keegan Lamb on bass, Revelstoke Sanz on vocals and drums, and Caleb Vander Wall on vocals and guitar.
Second time El Mo Jam performer, Collin Keefe discusses his memories as well as hope for this year and from last. When asked what he loves most about playing the drums for Chump Change, he states, “That I get to play with my cousin and my best friend.”
Remembering last year, Keefe explains he loved, “being on stage in front of my friends and family and getting to perform for them.”    After a year long break, Keefe is ready to get back on the stage and perform again.
Guitarist for Double Dragg, Caleb Vander Wall, played the show last year with a different band, however he is excited for this year and enjoys this band, because, “We are all friends and we like to play similar music.” Vander Wall is looking forward to playing on stage in front of people again because he is, “Not really used to that but I’m excited to venture into unknown things.” He is also excited to, “just jam out.”
El Mo Jam is May 18th from 7 to 10 p.m. in the cafeteria, presale tickets are $5 and $7 at the door.

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