I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night and Study Everyday

El Modena will offer the History of Rock and Roll class in the 2018-2019 school year

The Beatles, Jimmy Hendricks, Nirvana, the Sex Pistols…all big names in the genre Rock ’n’ Roll. 

   The class will have the history of rock and roll from the 1920s to current times, tying the music to social issues at the time. The class is taught by El Modena’s Mr. Benner. 

   El Modena is able to add the History of Rock and Roll to the school’s armada of classes because Canyon High School recently offered the class. When one school adds a class, the other schools in the same district are able to offer the same class.

   Mr. Benner has been waiting to teach this class for over five years. “I have been a record collector since I was in third grade, and I’ve had a deep passion for listening, playing, and reading music,” he says, “Music plays a big part in who and what we are.” 

   The class will be offered to any grade level who wants to sign-up for it, but there will be a limited amount of spaces. Students should expect to listen to music in class, interpret lyrics, discuss a song’s meaning and identify different genres. Mr. Benner says, “It is important to work out what the definition of music, and what music actually is.” 

   The History of Rock and Roll class will be considered an A-G elective credit. The real question remains, who’s ready to rock? 


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