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The College and Career Center is an impeccable resource for any student for a multitude of reasons. Located in room 610, behind the library, this center is filled with options for students in just about every topic. Not only are there resources for the present, but there are immense amounts of available options for after graduation.
A main part of the center focuses on job opportunities for the future as well as now. There are job applications posted on the right wall, mostly from the city of Orange, but they are not limited to that. The Career Center also gives a solid amount of content regarding the military, and the job possibility of that after graduation.
Aside from jobs, the center provides ways to get involved with the community while earning community service hours in which one can earn a special tassel for graduation. Most of the community service currently is focused on the multiple elementary school carnivals coming up in the near future.
A key resource the career center provides is tutoring. Every day SCC representatives are there, and are able to answer questions regarding placement tests, scholarships or special class tutoring. Regarding scholarships, other available detail is provided on Naviance, however the career center has limited, but resourceful information.
Other important information such as the CTE programs and pathways can be found on the back wall of the center. The wall provides requirements and extra material and details based off of each specific pathway.
For any additional information, go to the Career Center for more precise detail regarding any of the previously stated subjects or ask Mrs. Fetcher, Ms. Bonham, Mrs. Ramirez, Miss Santiago, Miss McCoy, or Ms. Meissner.


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