Juniors Of The Caribbean

Juniors of the Caribbean cheer for the seniors during the lunchtime games (Photo courtesy of Mia Gutierrez).

Based off the “Pirates of the Caribbean,” the graduates of El Modena’s class of 2019 decide to pirate their way through this years spirit week. Decorating the 400 building with skulls, mermaids, pirates, flags, and ships, placed the juniors in 3rd place for the posters category. At the Spirit week assembly on March 9th, the juniors gave the booty performance of a lifetime. Their skit captivates us on a journey with Captain Jack Sparrow, played by Maddie Johnson, who voyages through the sea with Will Turner, played by Blake Hanson, and his trusty crew in search for a treasure on Vanguard Island. As they cruise, they encounter mermaids that take down Jack Sparrows men, leaving him, Will Turner, and Elizabeth, played by Alessandra Spadaro, to find the key. In need of help, Jack’s old friend Calypso, played by Mia Vasquez, appears and reveals where the key is located with her crystal ball.

The four of them find the key at a prison and Calypso travels with them but they encounter none other than Davy Jones. Elizabeth, Jack, and Will Turner soon realize that Calypso was on Davy Jones’ side all along and she led them to his hands for the key to the treasure. Jack and Davy fight until one is defeated. Jack claims victory and finally heads to Vanguard island with Elizabeth and Will. As they finally arrive they meet the people of the island and are told that the treasure was the spirit that belonged to everyone.

After their skit, their carnival game included a tug a war where two inflatable pools were placed in the middle and two Vanguard students pulled either end of the rope. At the end of the day, the Juniors of the Caribbean placed 2nd place out of the entire spirit week competition. As amazing with the decorations and performance the juniors were, we can only expect the best for their senior year in spirit week for 2019.


Junior Area for Sprit Week in March 9th, 2018

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