Mia Vasquez, dance captain, shares her hopes for the team


Alyssa Tierney

Vasquez poses for her shot.

Frontline: What are your keys to success for this upcoming season?

Mia Vasquez: “Just to make sure the girls are in shape and we have competitions planned so we need to prepare for those, as well as just making sure people really get into the dances.”

FL: What are your hopes for the season?

MV: “My hopes for the season are to make people appreciate the dance team more and to keep growing and becoming a stronger dance team.”

FL: What’s your favorite memory from your sport?

MV: “Before the Hello Assembly we were all very nervous to perform because it was a new year, but we had a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it.”

FL: How do you pump up before a match/game?

MV: “I pump up before a performance by listening to music and warming up with hype music by someone like Beyonce.”

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