Boys Lacrosse

Captain, Dylan Zamora, shares his hopes for the season


Alyssa Tierney

Captain, Dylan Zamora, poses with his Lacrosse stick.

Frontline: What are your keys to success for this upcoming season?

Dylan Zamora: “Probably working on defense, we have offense mostly down already.”

FL: What are your hopes for the season?

DZ: “Since this is still a new sport and for most of the team it is their first year playing, I want to try and win at least half of our games, but I’m happy with how the team is progressing already.”

FL: What’s your favorite memory from your sport?

DZ: “During a scrimmage, I pulled off a trick and we got a score off of that.”

FL: How do you pump up before a match/game?

DZ: “Pretty much just give the guys a pep talk and hype them up, as well as tell them to have a good time and to have fun out there.”

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