Johannah Baby Moma

New student of El Modena shares her story of teen pregnancy

Johannah Baby Moma

As a new student of El Modena after transferring from Richland, no one would expect senior Johannah Palacios to be a mother of twins.

Palacios became pregnant at age 15 in August of 2016. Nine months later, her twin boys Julian and Jericho were born. At the time, Palacios was worried that she would bear the responsibility of her children alone without help from others.

Now with the twins being ten months old, she feels she’s gotten things under control and has time to finish her last year of high school.

With the help of her mom and loving family, Palacios is able to take her kids to doctor appointments and take care of her personal needs. She states, “A lot of help, to me, is someone taking the kids so I can shower or make something to eat, but other than that, I’m with them 24/7.”

Palacios shares, “The best part about being a mom is that they’re all mine and I get to watch them grow in the world.”

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