Spirit Week 2018 Preview

Inside Look at 2018 Spirit Week Themes


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Last year’s Spirit Week themes included: Seussical Seniors, Joker Juniors, Super Mario Sophomores and Funky Freshmen.


Spirit Week— the week El Modena comes alive. It’s no surprise that El Modena takes spirit seriously, especially after the Rowdy Rooters section won the OC Varsity Student Section of the Week on September 22, 2017. Each grade level is already preparing for the event during the week of March 5-9.

While ASB students are preparing for spirit week, they are saddened by the resignation of Mr. Miles as the ASB advisor. This year will be Mr. Miles’s last spirit week. “Mr. Miles is one of the greatest people of all time. We are all very sad he won’t be our advisor next year,” says sophomore president Anna Smith. But back to the excitement of spirit week.

This is the freshmen’s first spirit week, and they have little idea what exactly they are getting themselves into. However, freshman President Matthew Anderton is working hard to prepare his peers for the week. “I’ve been warned that people will not be nice to me this week, but it’s healthy competition,” says Anderton. The theme for the freshmen is Freshmen of Bel-Air. They plan to use the goofy 90s theme to make their building really colorful.

Willy Wonka is the theme of the sophomores, led by Anna Smith. Smith says, “It’s a lot to take on, but I love spirit week. I love how excited everyone gets and how into it they are.” Smith is starting to get the hang of planing and delegating jobs to get work done. She is confident that everything will work out in the sophomores’ favor.

Junior Class President Kenna Torres decided on the Juniors of the Caribbean theme for this year’s spirit week. This is her first year as class president, and Torres admits that leading up to spirit week is quite stressful. However, she is quick to say, “It’s difficult to get what you need done and to get all of the juniors involved, but it’s also important to remember to have fun and don’t stress.”

Finally, the seniors. This year, the theme for the class of 2018 is Seniors in Neverland. ASB President Alyssa Barraza decided on the theme over a year ago because she wanted something that everyone would be familiar with. When asked how to deal with the stress of spirit week, Barraza says, “Time management is key. We are definitely very good at working under pressure and splitting up the work to make sure that everything gets done.”

Some students offer advice for the freshman: live in the moment and don’t get hung up on winning, take lots of pictures, and remember to bring money for food on Friday. You never know what kinds of deals you’ll get.

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