“Prom” Backwards

The highly anticipated informal dance following the conclusion of spirit week

Morp, or “prom” spelled backwards, is an informal dance taking place on Friday, March 16th, 2018, inside the cafeteria. Although a theme has not yet been announced for this year’s dance, this year’s past informal dance theme was “Maui Morp.”
This dance always occurs a week after spirit week, as a way to celebrate with friends and let loose after the long and stressful week that spirit week always turns out to be.
Being the first informal dance since the “hello” dance at the beginning of the school year, and the second of the year overall, students look forward to the more laid-back aspect of this dance, compared to the more formal dances such as homecoming, winter formal, and prom.
Instead of worrying about getting a date, matching with them, taking pictures, the overall ticketing cost, and all the other exciting yet overwhelming aspects of the formal dances, morp allows you to pay less for your ticket, dress casual, and have leisurely fun.
Students are encouraged to dress to the theme, whether it is wearing a more simplistic outfit, or going all out with more intricate ideas such as matching with your friends.
If you are planning on attending morp, be sure to remember to bring your student ID, to have a safe ride home, and surround yourself with lots of friends.
All this being said, make sure to treat morp as any other school dance you would attend, by following basic rules such as appropriate clothing and dancing. Help make morp a fun, safe, and secure environment for you and your peers of El Modena.

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