An Interview with Cowgirl Clue

A closer look at Ashley Clue's start as an artist


Ashley Clue, also known as Cowgirl Clue, started her music career by djing under the name DJ Geniefactory. With her passion to constantly discover new music, but tiredness of playing other peoples’ music, Clue decided to start a name for her own music production.

Her transition to producing was difficult due to Clue’s reputation as a DJ and the confusion of venues predicting her performance was just a DJ set. Clue shares, “I guess the glory of being a DJ is that you can still play your own music and still be a DJ at the same time.”

Clue’s unique process in creating music has developed her own unique and individualistic sound, which she describes as being difficult but at the same time completely natural.

When asked what the best way to address misogyny in the music industry is, Clue responded, “The best thing you can do is take control whether it be with your art or what you stand for. It’s just important to make yourself known as a female and to support other women in the music industry.”

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