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  1. A recap of the boys’ basketball Season 

The boys varsity basketball team had a season full of ups and downs, highlights and memories, and lessons learned for all fourteen members of the team.
As for the overall statistics for the season, the boys went 10-17-0, and for the Century League records they went 2-4-0.
The team was cohesive in a sense that they were all bonded on and off the court. Sophomore Kyle Rasmussen states, “My favorite part about the season was getting to experience it with my teammates.” Reflecting on the parting seniors, Rasmussen adds, “What I’ll miss most about the seniors is just hanging out with them and going to team dinners.”
The seniors looking back all had similar messages to share with their teammates and everyone else in the program. Seniors Brett Rodriguez and Nick Real both state, “Work hard.” Real elaborates, “Make sure to give it everything you have, because it’ll go by in a blink and you’ll regret it.”
The boys recognize the fact that they did not reach their full potential this year, and they acknowledge that they have more effort and work to give in the upcoming offseason and season. Junior Garret Witteveen shares, “This season could’ve been better, but it was alright. We improved from last year.”
Looking forward to the coming years, current players have adverse feelings toward it. Some have set lofty goals for the next season, such as winning league and improving records from this year. Others are struggling with the fact that next year will be their senior year, but all have high hopes for the next season.
The boys celebrated some big wins such as being consolation champions of the Garden Grove Tournament they participated in, and two major wins during league play against El Dorado and Brea Olinda.
Sadly, they lost their final game against Villa Park and were no longer able to compete for to be in C.I.F. Finals, but they fought that game, and every game they played, all the way to the end.
Boys varsity basketball really came together for the season and gave it their all, but definitely have room for improvement. Moving forward, the players are sure that the team will only get better. Each season brings new opportunities and new beginnings, and as this one comes to a close, there is only good hopes and positive memories.

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