Thank You, Mr. Miles

ASB coordinator of six years Mr. Miles will be stepping down after this year

  Activities Director Mr. Miles has decided the time has come for him to step down at the end of this year. He feels that, “After six years, someone new should come in and breathe new ideas and new life into ASB.”

  Mr. Miles’s work as Activities Director began during the second quarter of the 2012-2013 year as a favor to the administration. Though he was reluctant at first, Miles knew it would be an excellent way to expand his involvement around the El Modena campus.

  Miles considers one of his greatest accomplishments to be the creation of Vanguard Pride Days. Though they vary in size, these days are largely successful in allowing students to give back to the campus that has given them so much over the years. Aside from that, he is also proud of the way the students’ perception of spirit week has changed. He loves the way that students from different classes work as a team, even though it is a competition.

  As Activities Director, one interacts with students, parents, teachers, and admin alike, resulting in a much more broad understanding of, “… what the school needs, how to provide for those needs.” As a result, Mr. Miles feels he has not only grown as a member of the El Modena community, but also as a teacher. He understands his students better because he sees what many of them are like outside of the classroom.

  Mr. Miles’s favorite aspect of ASB has been being able to see the students grow — watch them speak onstage for the first time, write skits, coordinate events, and organize assemblies.

  As a closing statement, Miles said, “ I just want to thank everyone. I’m one of 2,200 people trying to do this stuff and I think that those people need to be recognized more than me because they’re the ones who, even when I’m gone, are going to keep doing all of the stuff that makes the school so great.”

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