El Modena’s MUAs

The journeys of two up and coming makeup artists


Senior Carlie Campbell (left) and Junior Jillian Patterson (right) showing off their makeup looks

      Cosmo Makeup Academy is an outlet for students to come learn how to do makeup. Two El Modena Vanguards have recently taken advantage of their vast curriculum, which includes color theory, highlight and contour, smokey eyes, and bridal looks.

      Junior Jillian Patterson participated in their year long program, attending classes each week, learning about different types of makeup. “My favorite was the editorial because I want to do makeup on models in the future,” she explained. Patterson passed her final exam with flying colors, and graduated.

      Her attraction to makeup began at just twelve years old, watching videos of women transforming their faces with makeup. She first wore makeup in sixth grade, but only blush and mascara, to her dismay. However, she “experimented with crazy amounts of makeup and looked like a clown,” once she was home.

      Ultimately, she plans on creating her own line of makeup. Right now, Patterson will use her advanced makeup knowledge and start a business. Soon, she will have a makeup instagram showcasing her skills.

      Senior Carlie Campbell has followed down a similar path. Her love of makeup didn’t start until her sixteenth birthday, when she received makeup from a friend. Immediately, it sparked a flame still glowing today.

      Her junior year she began to experiment with makeup. Campbell started to take her makeup serious senior year, and enrolled in classes at Cosmo Makeup Academy to expand her makeup knowledge.

      Recently, Campbell finished the program and will graduate. She reflects, saying, “Before I started, I felt I was good on myself, but I wanted to learn to do it on other people. I definitely learned a lot and a bunch of new techniques.”

      She wants to eventually become a wedding makeup artist, but currently is eyeing a job at MAC Cosmetics. This will allow her to embrace her love of dramatic makeup as well as develop skills to master more natural looks needed for weddings.

To all the beauty amateurs out there, Patterson advises, “If you’re experimenting with makeup, have fun and do your own little thing.”

To see some of Campbell’s looks, check her out on Instagram @carliecampbellmua

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