The Man From Turkey, The Man In Boy Scouts

Senior Arman Kingsland has participated in Boy Scouts since he came to Orange County from Istanbul, Turkey when he was ten-years old. He has been a part of his 543 Troop for eight years. When asked what encouraged him to join the Boy Scouts of America, Kingsland explains that it’s a tradition in his family to participate in Boy Scouts.

   There have been thousands of young men around the nation that have achieved being an Eagle Scout. Kingsland, being one of many, has not only completed in earning the mandatory 13 badges but he managed to earn all 138 possible merits.

  On January 20, 2018,  Kingsland made an appearance on “7 News,” where he and his mother were interviewed in their home as they showed all of his Boy Scout accomplishments.

  Kingsland dedicated every free weekend to earn his badges from the  scout troop to become and Eagle Scout. He shares that his favorite badge he earned was a First Aid merit. When questioned why earning this badge meant the most to him, he responds, “It’s because when I was hiking Mount Whitney, my friend hurt himself really bad, he cut his leg open pretty much, and I invested a lot of time in the First Aid, I usually look up medical stuff up on my own too, and so I knew what to do in order to help his wound bleed less so he wouldn’t bleed out.”

  Kingsland took notice that as he continued to take part in his 543 Troop the more attentive and helpful to people he has become. Arman is a coming of age student with the grand qualities of dedication, commitment, and loyalty. Although he has yet to decide what he would like to do after high school, El Modena can only assume the best from an Eagle Scout.


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