Angelica and Aileen Alegria: Model Students

Sisters Angelica and Aileen Alegria balance school and their careers as models and actors


(Right to left) Angelica and Aileen’s professional headshots.

Walking through the hallways of El Modena, down runways in couture clothing, and in the background of national commercials and television shows are typical activities for the Alegria sisters. Senior Angelica Alegria and junior Aileen Alegria recently signed with Rage Models and Talent, which helps them navigate their careers as models and actors.

From modest beginnings, Angelica says her passion for the entertainment industry began during youth, in which she, “Felt like I had the sort of personality that required me to release that energy, and performing was the perfect outlet for me to express myself. I knew it was something I wanted to do.”

As a catalyst to begin working in the entertainment industry, the sisters pursued local modeling and talent agencies, and got signed to Rage Models and Talent under Agent Robyn Minnette, mother of actor Dylan Minnette known for playing Clay Jensen in Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why.”

Minnette sends the sisters to auditions where she believes they fit the role casting agents are looking for, and that the brand has the notoriety to boost their reputations in the industry. Within their first auditions, Angelica booked a print ad for Boost Mobile and Aileen booked a commercial for the Coca-Cola Company.

More recently, Angelica was featured on an episode of the Showtime comedy series “Shameless,” starring Emmy Rossum and Oscar-nominated actor William H. Macy, and Aileen filmed a commercial for Uber with pop star Julia Michaels.

The sisters have grown comfortable to life on set, and especially enjoy the perks of craft services and networking with fellow young models and actors. This sets them up for a prosperous career in the entertainment industry, in which networking allows for them to build connections in hopes of landing more major gigs. Though, “…it’s a fun environment to work in, you also have to treat it like a job.”

Balancing school and a careers as models and actors are the reality for the Angelica and Aileen Alegria, who in the near future will be added to the list of famous El Modena alumni.

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