Matt’s Adventure In Japan

A narrative of Junior Matt Cortez’s travels to Japan to experience a culture show.

   Being my first time out of the country and on a plane I was nervous at first going on such a big trip. It was a 12 hour flight to Japan and I was going to be there for 11 days. But once I had arrived I knew it would be the best decision I had ever made in my life.

  Japanese culture is something I loved the moment I got off the plane. It is a culture that is based off of respect and kindness, in which Japanese people are the nicest people ever.

   Success is what every man in Japan strives for. Success for them is being able to give their families everything they need to live a comfortable life and to own a business. This is what I found most interesting about the culture of Japan. The Japanese are also a culture that are very well dressed, where kids fashion over there make Californians look like chumps.

  Now the food in Japan is the real deal. I never thought I would enjoy sushi until I tried it in the city of Osaka, where I learned to love it. I tried a variety of foods like live squid, raw horse meat, eel and different types of fish soups. The ramen noodles and Japanese BBQ were my favorite, but there’s nothing there I didn’t like to eat.

My absolute favorite part about Japan was their cars. I am a huge car fan and was lucky enough to see the biggest car show in the world, Tokyo Auto Salon, which held over 10,000 cars from different parts of Japan and the world. My favorite car is the Nissan Skyline which is illegal in the U.S, so to see it at the show and drifting in the streets was a dream come true.

  I have been to places I never thought I would ever see in my life, and Japan was truly something special. The people, the culture, the art, the cities are all amazing. If I had to recommend a place to travel to anyone to have an experience that would change their life, Japan would be that place. It is truly  one of the greatest places i’ve ever been to.

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